Let's Talk Trash

Leigha LaFleur



The Street Trust
Action Fund

Valdez Bravo

Healthcare For All Oregon Board Vice Chair, former Portland Community College Board

Katrina Doughty

Multnomah County Education Service District Board

Our Revolution Portland

Michael Sonnleitner

Portland Community College Board

Portland Community College Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals

Valdez Bravo writes:

I have known and worked alongside Leigha LaFleur since shortly after being inspired by Bernie Sanders to join the political revolution. I have seen Leigha in action, on the streets organizing and rallying for change – and also doing the unseen hard work in committees and other advocacy groups to empower others and push for a progressive agenda that puts people over profits, that puts principles over politics. With her background, perspective, and values, I know that Leigha will make a valuable addition to Metro.