Leigha LaFleur

For Metro District 6

Let's talk trash!

Why I'm Running

Burning or burying our garbage is what people have done for thousands of years. As Metro is responsible for regional solid waste management, I’m running to implement 21st century solutions to our current garbage crisis and to be a bold, progressive, voice on Metro Council.

Be the Change

  • Passionate about a livable future for our planet
  • Strong advocate for Oregon’s Green New Deal
  • Developing an improved regional waste-to-energy system
  • Using innovative ways to create permanently affordable housing
  • Oversight for a just and  equitable 2018 Housing Bond completion
  • Designing the 2020 Transportation measure through a social justice and equity lens
  • Supporting efforts to create and foster a healthier work environment for Metro employees
  • People over profits
  • Effective and visionary leadership
  • No corporate PAC money!


• BerniePDX, Leadership Team member, August 2015 – present
• Democratic Party of Oregon’s Third Congressional District Committee, Chair, January 2016 – present
• Greater Portland National Organization for Women,  Board member, November 2016 – present
                                                                            -Interim Chapter President, July 2019 – December 2019 
• Emerge Oregon graduate, Class of 2018

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